Day 23: mY Tunes

A straight up run, music and workout report tonight, friends.

Left the house, after another dog pee disaster, at about 7:15ish. It was a clear, starry and cold night, so I layered up and off we went. Turned the tunes on at the bottom of my hill and away we ran. List below is in the exact order the songs came on:

Michael Jackson/Wanna Be Starting Something
“…too high to get over, too low to get under, you’re stuck in the middle, and the pain is thunder”
Ain’t that the truth. Being stuck in that waiting place, that limbo, that icky swamp is dull and achy and the pain turns to thunder, and then you start something and get your ass out. I love this song and I also need to see the MJ doc. Genius.

Skipped it.

Van Halen/Panama
First thought was, damn this is great running song. Second thought was, I guess I am kicking it up a notch on this one. Then we had a doggie pit stop, I paused the song. Then we took off again, fast!
“She’s runnin’, I’m flyin’
Right behind in the rearview mirror now
Got the fearin’, power steerin’
Pistons poppin’, ain’t no stoppin’ now”

So, um, sex?


Ozomatli/Como Ves
My inability to speak Spanish limits me on the lyrical meanings here, but this is one of my favorite running songs of all time. Big drums, whistles and chants of “go go go go go” makes me GO! Plus it always reminds me of my first grown-up car, my ’98 Audi A4 Quattro (and a stick shift baby!!) that I bought after selling the lovely La Blanca, my cherished Nissan Sentra to an adorable young actress that had just moved to LA. (I hope La Blanca served her as well as me.) Anyhoodle, I used to BLAST that Ozomatli CD in the Audi, named Ruby, and drive all over LA and Malibu with a shit eating grin on my face. It made the times when I was stuck in traffic (90%) much more bearable.

As for tonight, I kept up a pretty blistering paste to those drums as I turned to run west right towards Mt. Tam in a ripping wind.

Wilco/Deeper Down
Skipped it.

Rilo Kiley/Silver Lining
Quite simply the best break-up song ever (but not for the first stage of shocking sadness, please see Mitchell, Joni “River”). Just enough bittersweet, but oh so empowering. I was in the mood to feel this one tonight. This was THE song that put the final healing on the relationship part of the divorce wounds.

“…and I was your silver lining
as the story goes
I was your silver lining
but now I’m gold

hooray hooray
I’m your silver lining
hooray hooray
but now I’m gold

and I was your silver lining
high up on my toes
we were running through fields of hitch-hikers
as the story goes

hooray hooray
I’m your silver lining
hooray hooray
but now I’m gold

hooray hooray
I’m your silver lining
hooray hooray
but now i’m gold

and the grass it was a ticking
and the sun was on the rise
I never felt so wicked
as when I willed our love to die…”

I could go on and on about the lyrical imagery and the hand claps and the joy of the “hoorays”, but instead I’ll leave you with this one. Me, driving down to Santa Barbara two years ago for Halloween to meet the T-riders. I had this CD in the car, and I knew that it would be intense to drive through Santa Ynez for the first time since my split and of course where it literally went sideways. So I turned this one WAY up, rolled all the windows down and sang sang sang, with tears streaming, and let this one go. It was a triumph!

Gwen Stefani/Rich Girl
Um, duh, this is an awesome song. And Natalie and Sabrina will note that I am still cool like GS and she is even a smidge older than me. Settled into the familiar beat and ran it out.

Tom Petty/You Wreck Me
I have talked a lot about my love for Tom Petty, so I am not going to blather on here. This is a great running song, and a great car song. A sample of perfection in lyrics:

“…Oh, yeah, you wreck me, baby
You break me in two
But you move me, honey
Yes, you do

Now and again I get the feeling
Well if I don’t win, I’m a gonna break even
Rescue me, should I go wrong
If I dig too deep, if I stay too long…”

Plus this is on “Wildflowers” my number one all time favorite album forever and ever and EVER.

Ben Harper/Why Must You Always Dress in Black
Skipped it after the first verse, which is excellent however. (“You may be a cheap date/ but my therapy is expensive as hell…”)
I was climbing back up the hill and was not in the mood for it.

Franz Ferdinand/Do You Want To
Skipped it. Kept climbing.

Ben Harper/Keep It Together
Skipped it.

U2/Where The Streets Have No Name
Skipped it. But OF COURSE with one note I was watching that rooftop video.

Hard Fi/Hard To Beat
Leave it to Nancy to find a perfect pop band of boys who sing perfect, dancy, guitary pop perfect songs. That make me want to run. And in this case, do jumping jacks, standing box jumps and Yoga-Eric style downward dog push-up with a leg raise ab brutalizer.

James Brown/Get Up Offa That Thing
Is there a better feel good song? I defy ANYONE not to get their ass up when JB shows us how funky he is. Oh and more ab work too.

Last but not least…

Daryl Hall and John Oates/You Make My Dreams Come True
Also, big props to the music supervisor on “500 Days of Summer” for the Bollywood style dance routine to this song giving the Millennials new respect for a great old song.

And then I took a shower.

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One thought on “Day 23: mY Tunes

  1. DeAnne-

    Okay I gotta download some of these. But I agree with MJ and H&O for being some of the best songs to run to. This was fun to read!
    November 13, 2009 at 7:14am


    This was a great read! Has inspired me to do more lists. You ( and nick hornby) are onto something! Keep them coming!
    November 13, 2009 at 7:39am


    Oh thanks for these!!!! I needed some new workout inspiration. Let’s make a date to go see the Michael movie!!!!
    November 13, 2009 at 8:04am


    Yay!! Put your fave songs here too ladies. And I will do another one of these before the end of training, it was fun ;-) Ans, yes on MJ.
    November 13, 2009 at 8:21am


    great job, super girl! you are amazing! the mj song is on my list too. perfect. metallica’s enter sandman is always a real kick in the pants. and i know you will laugh but bet on it from hsm is awesome. seriously. GO GIRLFRIEND!
    November 13, 2009 at 10:15am


    you make me smile, jud!!!!
    November 14, 2009 at 9:38am


    this was a fun post!
    November 15, 2009 at 10:19am

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