Day 22: Friday Time Compression

Crammed 3 hours of work into the last 45 minutes of the work day.

Drank a Fat Tire for happy hour.

Ferried home.

No dog pee, a win.

Dog chores.

Snack, “The Daily Show” and changed into running clothes.

Run. 2.5 miles. Down and dirty.

Showered, washed hair for second time today (there was a scheduling conflict), got ready and had an outfit choice in record time. This almost never happens.

Dogs out one more time.

Arrived in time for the surprise, whew.

Insert party here.

Got home to a freezing house, so another snack commenced while wearing coat.

Forced self into PJs finally. Damn it gets cold in the casita.

Fell asleep on couch writing this in vain attempt to post on “Friday.”

Slept. 7 hours, ah-mazing.

Posted in the a.m.

Now, on to Saturday’s list.

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