Alright, here’s the scoop. I have figured out I write best when I run most, and I need to be writing more, so I had to go and sign-up for another event. Only this time, I have gone and made it a super crazy challenge to me and five friends. A couple months ago I read an article in the NY Times about a new “challenge” event called the Tough Mudder. Instead of laughing it off as a silly fad I found myself totally intrigued and fantasizing about climbing walls and slogging through mud and celebrating with a huge beer bash. And then the email to 10 close friends went out. An excerpt:

As I walked along last night, I started going all GI Jane and thinking about climbing hills, and rope walls, and slogging through mud and doing it with glee and shouts and laughs and yawps and promise of beer at the end. And then I thought, who would be the best people to have on a team for this insanity? Please see list above :-)

Each one of us, for all our blessings has had their share of shitstorms, stresses, dramas, depressions, worries, and hells on Earth the past year or so. Between us I tallied up three divorces, one nearing divorce, two strained marriages, two kids with life threatening surgeries, two pending bankruptcies, one mom on chemo and radiation, one dad in a coma, two sick dogs, two dogs who passed away, cats given up to others, family members dying, friends dying… just amongst the 10 of us. Each one of us has found strength in the others and damn it all to hell, our tough asses are still here facing these seeming disasters. And each one of us has used physical strength, movement and activity to heal ourselves, or at the very least, expend some of the nervous energy that builds up in our battered hearts and minds. We have a triathlete, two marathoners, several collegiate athletes, skiers, both amateur and pro, and some who just like to run and all who like to move their bodies.

I started to imagine each of us, standing together as a team at the top of some crazy-ass hill in the Northern California mountains in October getting ready to hurl ourselves down it Braveheart-style, scramble across logs and rocks and mud and water all the while helping each other along the course. We would be our own Race for the Cure: the Cure for Fear, the Cure for Worry, the Cure for Stress, the Cure for Hating Your Job, the Cure for Anger, the Cure for Sadness, the Cure for Others Who Cannot Hurl Themselves Down a Hill… Us. We together could do that.

So the team that has come together is now called the Mud Hunnies and we are in training near and far and will be hurling ourselves onto that course on October 9th! We are scared and excited and ready to have all those life challenges get squashed under the sheer force of our teamwork. I have challenged myself once again to write while training and hopefully this time the habit will really stick and that blog I have been toying with will become like running has: a necessity for my well-being.

Oh and just for added fun, because that’s how I roll, I have also accepted the invitation of my friend to read one of these upcoming dispatches at her art event in September in LA. Ho-lee-shit. Now it’s real.

Stay tuned…

P.S. I turn 40 in December. I am sure that has nothing to do with any of this.

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