Day 51: The Light Changed

The passage of time is most subtley but consistently marked for me by the changing of the light.  Yesterday I woke up and admitted aloud with a groggy wince, “now it’s dark when I get up.”  The alarm is still going off at 5:32, but now it is dark… again.  So the conclusion is, summer is nearly over, fall is headed in and then it’s Christmas. ( Always with the goddamned Christmas by the way.  Can that one go on vacation for once?)

It has been an Arctic summer here, which means I feel a little anxious to be noticing the changing of the light and still have pale skin.  I am all for the passage of time and forward motion, but I am missing summer and yes, my summer glow.  However, now it’s dark when I get up, and that’s just where we are in the time space continuum. I decided this shift can also be a good thing.

All the waiting that has gummed up my summer like so much chilly morning fog on my car windows had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday.  Ironically, I was so exhausted when I got home I did not run, I just processed the shift as it meandered along in my brain grooves.  Just like the one to two minutes of light a day that slipped southbound the last couple months, I have been working toward this change and yesterday I finally noticed it.

Tonight, I run.  Tonight, more clarity.  Oh and tonight, 100 yards of walking lunges.

5 thoughts on “Day 51: The Light Changed

    1. oh, for sure I love the light… I just also cannot resist a metaphor ;-) I’m gonna get a little bronze in the Indian Summer if I have to lay out on my picnic table to catch the rays!

  1. i folded. am in a funk of work and back-to-school supplies and work and dentist appts and work and school performances and work and, oh yeah, my husband, and work….agh!!! need to reset the meter. this blog (YOU) is great inspiration!

    1. MH #6, do not despair, same same over here. resetting and also receiving inspiration back from you. actually loading some Motley Crue on the iPod right now. it’s come to that. xo

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