Day 32: When A Run Is Perfect

My God it was beautiful tonight.  The long, hot Labor Day weather perfection eased into a mellow, dry-breezed evening.  It was cloudless, giving the sky a kind of HDTV clarity.  Mt. Tam looked taught and precise against the darkening sky.  Oddly too, a helicopter was flying right up against the base of the mountain, but it was so dwarfed it looked like a model aircraft.  I am fascinated by helicopters, even after years in LA where their chopping and whizzing is part of the soundscape.  This one I could not hear.  (Dance-running to Cut Copy during that stretch.)  I could only see the red tail light at one point as it hovered along the southwest side of the ridge and then its whole frame reappeared as it flew up and over to the Pacific.  Just so gorgeous the whole moment.

I continued my run along the trail fueled by this beauty, and invigorated by my lack of aches or exhaustion.  Sometimes I notice when pain is missing and therefore the struggle of pushing through it.  All of the sudden that moment of pure presence clicks into place, that transcendent time of joy, ease, gratitude, reverence, confidence, strength and validation.  Even when this moment lasts only for a few seconds, it is gentle in its release.  There is no hard come-down like a caffeine crash; it is a gentle transition back to reality, and a bonus deposit of goodness has been credited to my heart.  I was again reminded that I love to run.  I am so grateful for running.

After my mini-meditation, my mind found its way back to The List and I realized that I need to move training higher to the top.  (All other List-y items I so look forward to checking off for good.)  Yikes, the Tough Mudder is in five weeks and I have not gotten drenched or muddy or even completely silly yet.  Emails will be going out to the Mud Hunnies this week!

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