Day 30: Pep Talk

Oh holy hell, it is Day 30.  Not sure why I am feigning shock at such news.  It’s not as if the physics of time and space were going to undergo some kind of major shift while I was living my life down here on Earth… procrastinating just a wee bit.  (Waaaaaaaaaaay less than I used to however so, WIN for me!)  Nope, time is just following its natural path and I am the one assigning all these feelings about it.  Time does not give one hoot about them, which when I just pause on that, is quite comforting.  The List still needs to get done whether or not it is 3AM on a Tuesday, or your birthday, or it’s moving day, or Happy Hour Friday, or you’re at a meditation retreat.  The List, well, MY List and the emotions I foisted upon it, is like an enormous beast that can range from gentle hibernation to fits of rage depending on what part is being soothed or prodded.  Right now, it’s at a medium simmer and I don’t want it to boil over if I ignore it.  No need to add an unnecessary clean-up to The List.

If I rely on my several decades of life experience now under my belt AND remember not to be too arrogant that I have it all figured out, I know that I need to stay focused and present as I have a shit-ton of shit to get done in the next six weeks, not even including the Tough Mudder.  If your list is anything like mine and also includes the services of expensive experts (bt-dubs, they are worth it every time… ), then there is no time like the right now to get this shit done.


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