Day 15: LA Woman

I always like an 11:11.

I’m on the road for a few days, down in LA to participate in my first ever art and music event, where I will be reading one of my very own essays from this blog to actual people.  Out loud.  In public.  A microphone will be involved.  You know, the kind that amplifies your voice.  I’d actually like to scream into it first to get out the nerves.

Happily, I am staying with a very close friend, she herself a successful actress, who could not be more supportive or more fun and interesting to talk to about all things art, intellectual, introspection, emotion, and is also very, very funny.  One of her best friends is also staying here, he himself an actor, writer and director, and just about to present his latest work, a documentary film, at an event on Saturday night in Santa Barbara.

(Dear Universe, Thank you for making sure I was in such a nurturing place all weekend surrounded by encouragement near and far.  You sure know what you’re doing Universe, funny how that is!  I promise to keep listening to you, I know I know, I can be stubborn and rebellious, but you’re always right.  Love you, mean it.)

Since I am also having to stay on track with Tough Mudder training, I arrived just  in time to join my hostess for a hike.  Weirdly enough, although very LA to say this especially after having lived there for 11 years, I had never ever been on those trails, basically up above the Griffith Observatory.  We hiked at the pace of chat, but we always get so many topics going at once we  definitely got our brain and heart rates up.  We covered a lot: family and friend updates, asthma medication, work, dating, skin care, what is art, nutrition tidbits, taking in the view and a chat with an LA city worker.  That’s why I love a good hike; you never know what the topic will be around the next bend.

We got home, rounded up some groceries and Thai take-out, had a delicious meal all together, and then we each hit the sack before 10PM.  Nothing better than feeling content at the end of  a very lovely day.

Sleeping with my smile on.


2 thoughts on “Day 15: LA Woman

  1. Want to know a secret about me?? I am brave as hell while I blog. I throw my stuff out there, and it gets fed to my FB and Twitter wall. I know some people read it, but if they don’t want to acknowledge it I just let it slide. I also don’t always feel so confident knowing people know all my thoughts and stuff. I can be fabulous, but my not-so-fabulous comes out.

    Anyway, I think you are brave. I hate my voice in a microphone… unless I had around 975 beers!! :)

    Good Luck!! :)

    1. a friend recently said to me, “write like no one is reading.” excellent advice. but so much more satisfying when someone does read and share back. so thank you Steve, thank you for reading and for writing!

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