Day 1: Bring Me The Discomfort

Yesterday was one of those shiny perfect San Francisco days:  bright autumn light, Giants in the playoffs and the Blue Angels roaring around the city for Fleet Week.  When I left the office, which lucky for me is right next door to the ballpark, orange and black clad baseball fans were filling the streets and the completely bitchen jets were flying loud and low over all of our upturned eyes.  When I got close to Embarcadero Center I smiled huge to see that they were flying a Giants flag at the very tippy-top!  And I don’t give a hoot about baseball!  I sent off a txt to several SF friends declaring my joy because it was too good not to share.




Today is equally beautiful, and the Giants won last night.  Oh, and there were scores of men in uniform all along the Marina Green this morning and I was lucky I didn’t crash my car with all my gawking.  I am very predictable when it comes to congregations of hot military dudes, what with all my wide-eyed smiling and giggling.  They are just there doing their job, setting up for the air shows and flotilla watching, and I am having soldier flirting fantasies like I am a WWII nurse doing rounds on the base.

That pause only lasted so long, and then I realized, holy omg, tomorrow, for real, in real mud, elevation, weather, water hazards, walls, and yes…  fire, I will be the knee-deep in extreme discomfort as  the Mud Hunnies and I take on the course at the NorCal Tough Mudder in Bear Valley.  I am very excited and just like soaking up the good vibes of the gorgeousness of yesterday, I think this whole event will be a triumph because everyone is there to challenge some part of themselves so that they might overcome something else that has been going unfixed in the daily slog of life.  When I proposed this challenge to my friends I specifically pointed out that each one of us had already conquered some pretty harrowing circumstances and were in the midst of overcoming several more.  Each of us used sports and nature to provide a space for us to hear the answers we knew were inside of us, and then build the strength (physically and emotionally) to confront the obstacles, solve the problems, heal the pain, and find our laughter again.  I expect to be laughing a LOT tomorrow.

In a quiet moment this morning, pre-soldier leering, I picked some Angel Cards.  As usual (!), they were perfect for a little meditation on the Mudder and life, but my brain is pretty full to hit the whole “life” today at least.  I am positive I will work it out with my team tomorrow. Wooooo hoooooooooo!!!!


The Purpose Angel is climbing a mountain. She is a Mud Hunnie too.



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