Bearvolution: Join Or Bleed (explained!)

The last two weeks I have been slightly off schedule, mostly from running and therefore from writing, and I absolutely must get reorganized, feets in my sneaks, and fingers on the keyboard.  Part of my unintended break was a little recovery time from the Tough Mudder (post STILL owed is up, too much fun was had not to share) and being highly distracted with excitement about my upcoming trip to Washington DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity.  My brother is taking me as a 40th birthday present, to have a good ol’ time at the rally and to bookend a project he recently finished about a murderous bear who hates Stephen Colbert.

Yes, you read that correctly.

About three years ago, after watching several episodes of The Colbert Report in which the host put bears on notice, he came up with a story about a bear who declares war on Colbert.  The bear, named Barry, is Canadian, and comes to the US via San Francisco to brainwash and then recruit humans to find and kill Colbert.  Once he heard that Colbert would be in DC, he woke Barry from hibernation , and booked the tickets.

Barry’s story is told in a series of five two-minute videos, from how he realizes that Colbert will kill bears if he does not kill him first, to arriving in SF and nearly being derailed by the bohemian values of the city, to having a cub, brainwashing his human army and training for his final showdown with Colbert in DC.  Barry celebrates with his Bearvolution army by burning Colbert in effigy and sending out the video across the internet.

Now, Barry will be on the National Mall in DC looking for Colbert.  He is officially on notice.

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