Flux Capacitor… fluxing.

There is this thing called time, that every once in awhile, I think it takes me on a bender, and I have no idea if I am using it or it is using me, but damn, looking back at the last month feels like a vicious swirling hangover.  And because I am just ever so slightly obsessive and compulsive, I have not been posting in a timely fashion, nay AT ALL in the last three weeks.  I do not like!  What’s going on in my brain is something like this: each thing you wanted to write about has now been superseded by the next event/trip/tangent/run in an annoyingly chronological fashion, so how can you write from your notes so farther and farther away from the actual event/trip/tangent/run, because then doesn’t it lack credibility at most and seems disorganized at least?!

Begrudging agreement to both.

However, much like Marty McFly, I have a time machine!  That is, I have an “Edit Date & Time” button on the “Publish” button, so I can place the posts in whatever order I want no matter when I write them.  So in an effort to hold self accountable for getting the posts done, I am letting you in on my secret Time Machine weapon, and will be posting them most likely in the next few days, but also likely that I will make them “seem” chronological.

Isn’t it fun inside my brain?

7 thoughts on “Flux Capacitor… fluxing.

  1. Hey, I read your last post which I guess you deleted. I assume you talked with Leigh. Hey, I believe in everything. Nothing is too outrageous for me. I am with you.

    Did people get mad at me?? I throw my thoughts out there, and I respect others thoughts. I busted the “religious ones” cause when I showed my less than perfect side they bailed.

    I hope you aren’t mad at me. Whatever your name is I respect you, and hope you know and believe that.

    Best Wishes. :)

    1. nooooo!!!! Steve, so not a big deal :-) I deleted it b/c I am having technical difficulties and needed to pull it down as I need more time to figure out a plug-in detail.

      as an aside, I am for all beliefs, for whatever people want to believe, but that we all must practice tolerance. I love a good philosophical debate even if I don’t believe someone else’s ideas or religion or astrological chartings. that is the way we all learn.

      more to come, thanks for reading of course ;-)

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