Cyber Cheers Requested

Tomorrow morning, at a soul-crushing pre-dawn hour, I have to go get on a shuttle to take me and other masochists out to the start line of our trail run half-marathon for the North Face Endurance Challenge.  I feel undertrained (and I feel this way because I have totally slacked) and slow, also whiny and wimpy.  If it is pouring rain when I wake at 5AM, I am not going.  Yeah, I said it.  Drizzle okay, but buckets of rain, not.

I signed my bib number up for reporting my times on FB, so hopefully it will work and you’ll send some cheers from the warmth of your Sunday mornings.  Okay, rushing now to get everything ready before bed (clothes, shoes, water bottle, hat, gloves, iPod crammed with Daft Punk, bib, chip, Clif gels… etc.) and then yes, sleep, sleep sleep.

4 thoughts on “Cyber Cheers Requested

  1. You did it! I was away from the computer all weekend (yay?) and didn’t see this until now, but to misquote one Glenda the Good Witch: You always had the power in you. And you kick ass! xoxox

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