sugarleg V. 1.1 In The Hopper

Working on site updates and launching a Facebook Page and adding “Like” buttons during Mercury Retrograde may seem super stupid to many, (especially to those who know that I actually believe this particular astrological phenomenon), but what can I say?  It’s time to make some updates and changes and sync this mutha to FB properly.  Please watch out for new bells and whistles, and if you are my FB friend, I will be asking you to “like” the ‘sugarleg’ Page very soon.  And expect glitches and spaz-outs.  I do.

PS: If I know or think you know anything about blogs, graphic design, technical computer geek or social media related items, expect to hear from me.

4 thoughts on “sugarleg V. 1.1 In The Hopper

  1. Mercury are such an old soul you hippy child you. Love your posts more than I can describe…it’s like having a cup of coffe or drink with a best friend..keep telling the story in your head it is uplifting and hilaraious.

    1. right? :-) hippie child but really fastidious about being clean. thank you so much for the unwavering support and kind and encouraging words always. really keeps me going and inspired. love you Roommie!

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