This One Goes to (20) Eleven

I like elevens, so I am quite pleased with the numerology of the new year.  Naturally, I flew home on 1/1/11 on a Flight 11.

I am also a big fan of the fresh start of a new year, and taking the month of January to map out personal world domination.  I know, some are content with resolutions, but I think framing what are basically goals as a sound bite or segment on a morning chat show cheapens the importance of reflection and moving forward and are therefore easily disregarded.  We can reflect and move forward any time we want to, but the start of a new year has always been a powerful symbol and so it works for me to really take the month and pay attention to what I want to accomplish during my year.  Obviously I also know that half the fun of a new adventure is the unknown, so I am always prepared for the unplanned.

I’m going to figure a lot of this out running and writing, but the sneak peek into where I am headed project-wise is all about creativity, beauty, adventure, presence and fun.  Looking forward to going from black and white to Technicolor in the fashion department, outfitting a writer’s nook, knocking some time off my PR, winning the lottery, throwing an 11/11/11 party, and other as-yet-undiscovered hijinks.

Here I go…


8 thoughts on “This One Goes to (20) Eleven

  1. Speaking of world domination, I just signed up for the World Domination Summit! So excited! Let me know if you’re in. I’ll be going either way so no worries if you can’t make it!!

    1. nice! I have some cool ideas and can’t wait to hear yours too ;-) I count you as one of my stalwart inspirers, especially paying attention to your incredibly positive attitude. also, be ready to pick some new event… Tough Mudder here we come again!

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