More in the Plus Column

Yummm, what?

All in all, quite a good day.  Decided to remind myself for posterity that even though it was the one year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti, and that Sarah Palin is still a bizarre narcissist, and that my check engine light is glaring at me and each mile that passes adds a dollar of repair work to a bill already in the thousands, and that I still have not gotten back into my run routine, many good things stacked up.

To wit:

–> Good friend got her Op-Ed published!  Go local politics!
–> Grilled cheese consisting of chèvre, monterey jack, applewood-smoked bacon, and apricot-jalapeño relish with a cup of tomato soup on the side for lunch.  (Above pic was snapped and sent to torture the friend who missed this deliciousness.  It worked.  He was sad.)
–>New Italian cappuccino place around the corner from the office.  It looks like a Bond film inside.  Good capp too.
–> Daniel Hernandez, Public Service Badass aka Intern to Rep Gabrielle Giffords.  Hear me now: the kids I work with on US Public Service Academy are just like him.  The future for American government actually is bright.
–> One quart of oil extinguished one warning light.
–> Oasis.  Van Morrison.  Supertramp.  Heard them all today at random moments and felt… nostalgic/love/melancholy/elated/deeply content.
–> Received all “Exceeds Expectations” on my employee review.
–> And a modest raise.
–> And a bonus.  (You won’t be missed, check engine light!)
–> President Barack Obama.  Welcome back, sir. We have missed you.

Gratitude. It works every time.


13 thoughts on “More in the Plus Column

    1. total hooray! oooh, this new place on King bwtn 2nd and 3rd called Caffe Pascucci. apparently some poshie Italian chain and this is their first one stateside. verrrrrry yummy. and food too!

  1. lol you are funny!! :) Glad you had a great day. Funny, I had a good music day at work too. I lost my Van Morrison CD a million years ago. I used to listen to it 24/7.

    I love the car stories. awesomeness. :) frustrating I know, but you made it funny. :)

    Really glad for the good day. :)

  2. I love the post! Hooray for exceeds expectations and a raise- even a modest one. Things are turning around! Oh, and the sandwich pic is magazine worthy.

    1. aw man, now I am tearing up! one year I worked on having a gratitude journal. I made my 5-things-a-day lists for a few months, and then stopped. even though I didn’t continue it daily, it has totally stuck with me and on shitty days I actually force myself to write down 5 things that I am grateful for. sometimes it is through a veil of tears or rage, and is something like, “I took a deep breath.” but every single time, it takes the edge off. love you too E Adds, xoxo and PKE too. (even though I cannot remember what it means, lol.)

  3. Awesome!!! And major congratulations on the review and raise! With this economy, it borders on miraculous, though I’m sure you deserved 2x as much.

    1. thank you K-Bell! very happy about the “exceeds” and realize that that matters to these corp types up in here, so I will take that for my permanent record. agreed on the miracle of raise in a poor economy, very grateful to be employed. and at a job with good smart people!

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