Life Is So Strange

Earlier today, I left the office to go to another office, to complete a project. Leaving work in the middle of the day always brings me back to the days when I was a serial ditcher in high school. Yes, I was a grade-A truant! Part of me is proud to know that I have a healthy rebellious streak since most of the time, I am a rule following dork. On my way to the other office, giddy on the fumes of freedom, I turned up the radio loud, drove fast, freeway flirted and car danced. Pure ALL CAPS awesomeness. But even better was the way the radio gods could feel my karma and started playing songs clearly in my honor.

One of my local stations has a daily feature called 10 @10, where they play 10 songs and current event audio clips from a certain year. I love this show, and since I don’t ever hear it during the 10AM play, whenever I do catch it, I feel like I took a happy pill. Today it was 1982, and they picked some goodies, especially at the end of the set when they played Missing Persons (more on this in a moment) into New Order “Temptation” which is when I literally woo-hoooed in my car, sped up, then promptly missed my exit. It was rad.

Still energized from my mid-day hooky, I was pumped to go for a run for the first time in over a month. Like actually EXCITED to bust out a few miles. I took advantage of the good attitude and then went on a little 4-song buying spree. Here’s what I got and what I listened to on my run, in the dark, with the doggies.

Britney, bitch!! LOVING the new Britney song, maybe even more than the old Britney, because this one has a dark and gooey bassline thump that makes me wanna dance (er, run) and the lyrics are saucy and has the clearest, most irony-free double entendre of all time. Behold Britney:

Going for more chick pop, I had to get the latest Katy Perry single, “Firework.” Heard it in the car before I switched to 10 @10 and sang LOUD. Boom, boom, boom!!

Since I am now a recovering music snob, I am PROUD to shout out my love for certain Maroon 5 songs. (However, I cannot abide by that drivel called “This Love” blech, even typing it gives me a headache. Ditto for KP’s, “California Gurls”) It also helps that I have boy-band crazy love for Adam Levine. Even though he is a toxic LA bachelor (has a gf apparently, but still), even though he is wee and pocket-sized and I would likely break him in half, I LOVE HIM. Once, me and one of my step-daughters followed him around Gelson’s. A fine moment. Here is my latest M5 fave:

And finally, THE BEST RE-DISCOVERY OF ALL TIME FOR ME RIGHT NOW… Missing Persons “Destination Unknown.” YOU GUYS, HAVE YOU HEARD THIS SONG RECENTLY??? Like REALLY listened to it??!?! Because it is F’ING AWESOME. Lyrics include Zen truths like this:

You ask yourself
When will my time come
Has it all been said and done
I know I’ll leave when its my time to go
‘Til then I’ll carry on with what I know

And of course the famous chorus, which on this re-hear for me is 100% joy! Almost makes me want to use it as the recessional or first dance at my next (and likely last) wedding. (We’ll see what the groom says.)

Life is so strange
Destination unknown
When you don’t know
Your destination
Something could change
It’s unknown
And then you won’t know
Destination unknown

Also, how much of a fucking BADASS is Dale Bozzio? LOOK AT HER!!! THAT IS 1982, people!!!!!! I have vivid memories of watching that video with wide-eyes and wonder. LOOK at the OUTFITS. And the hair. And the HAIRSPRAY! AND THE MIRROR MOSAIC PEGASUS! Lady Gaga owes her ENTIRE career to Dale Bozzio.

Now in full rotation on the Magic iPod, please, click and watch and listen and enJOY and HOOORAY!!

Not only is life so strange, it is fan-f’ing-tastic!

13 thoughts on “Life Is So Strange

    1. Nice! Proud of that line ;-) Yes Dale Bozzio was one of those 80s chicks that used to blow my mind. I remember talking about her with friends with a mix of reverence and concern. Like her pink hair was somehow going to combust or something. Badass all the way.

  1. Great to hear the excitement in your post. Don’t get me started on Katy Perry. I have a serious serious crush on her.

    p.s. I run outside. no treadmill.

    p.p.s. Glad you are back running.

    screw rules!!!! typically it is stupid people making them. :)

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