Saturday. Not Over So Easy

My Saturday started with this:


The provenance of this nitrate-free bacon, walnut/wheat bread toast, two eggs overeasy breakfast o’mine is probably 97.3% local, but definitely all organic, including the butter, salt and pepper and yes, in the case of eggs, the closer the farm to your house the egg-yolkier your eggs taste.  Yummmmm.

Unfortunately, this happened later:


On my way to meet my friend for a drink and shenanigans in the city, all dressed up in a short skirt and brand new gray suede 4″ booties, a tourist in a rental car opened their driver door right into my traffic lane and I hit it.  He flung that door open like he was getting ejected it happened so fast.  We were both completely unharmed, which is all that matters.  With that established, we got to the business of exchanging info and having a nervous, awkward conversation.  Turns out he and his wife are from North Dakota and had just arrived to their hotel that moment for a six day vacation.  The most telling thing he said was, “Wow, I mean look at all this traffic!”  Well no, there actually wasn’t any.

The dent in the wheel well obstructed my tire, and I only discovered that when I left after we were done exchanging.  I had to pull back over and decided to call my insurance and get a tow truck called to at least pull the crap out of the wheel well enough so that I could drive.

I will not write about the two hours and forty minutes that then ensued trying to make that happen.

Oh and it started to rain.  And yes, eventually, I started to cry.  Just like a bad visual metaphor.

I am actually the one person you want with you in a crisis.  I never panic.  I am focused and calm and immediately start to triage the situation.  I know how to just get ‘er done.  I may not know much with perfect certainty, but I can guarantee that 100% of my friends would be happy to have me with them when dumb/unexpected/accidental/emergency stuff goes down.  (It’s a blessing and a curse that I have these skills.)

I was thwarted at every moment trying to deal with this very simple, totally fixable, systems-already-in-place mini motor crash.  And most of all, it made me realize how slim my margin for error is…

That is what I may end up writing about more later.  Figured that out on my 3-miles tonight.


10 thoughts on “Saturday. Not Over So Easy

  1. Damn, that sucks. Planning on having a fun night on the town, and BOOM fun turns to that. Booooooo!!! Like you said though you are unharmed, and you still got a run in. Could be worse. I still would have liked a night on the town though. :)

  2. oh no! so sorry you had to deal with that. my one question is, why am i looking at a pic of the car damage when you know i want to see a pic of those 4″ grey boots?! :) grab the angel cards and start fresh, girlfriend! XXOO

    1. lol, YES that would be a much better visual! was hoping to get a snap of them and my cute outfit on Saturday, but, then the bam happened. will def send to you! shaking it off, will pick some cards tonight. xoxo

  3. Oh, that SUCKS! I’m so sorry but so glad you’re okay. I’m terrible in an emergency — I’m the freeze-up type. I admire people who can think and get into “fix it” mode immediately.

    Also, please post a pic of the gray booties. :)

    1. yeah, what a pain right? I think what pissed me off the most was the fact that nothing was getting solved… grrr.

      :-) gray booties are delightful, I will have to grab a pic that does them justice first!

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