Boobs and Other Thoughts

While the majority of the country is in a mega deep freeze, it is downright balmy here this winter.  But, I am a thin-blooded, minimal body-fatted wimp and when I get cold, I have a hard time warming up.  This is often the biggest deterrent to winter runs: changing clothes.  Those moments of nudity required to make the change have me all scrunched up and whimpering,  rifling through my workout drawer for mere microfibers when what I really want is to be swathed in cashmere and Uggs and drinking a scotch in front of a fire.  This was also the case tonight, I am slightly embarrassed to admit.  And it was only about 50 degrees outside.  <meekly>, sorry!

Thoughts from the path:

Wearing high heels more might actually help me get my feet stronger.  No, really.  Must figure out more heel wearing, especially since the weather is supposed to stay nice. (Again, sorry to all those in actual winter.)  And how to make feet stronger.

Big boobs the past few days… oh, right.  Check the calendar.

Speaking of boobs, isn’t is hilarious how naked boobs are like a stun-gun to men?  It’s awesome.

Also, remember when boobs were not hugely stripper-weird porn-star huge?  WTF?

Hamstrings.  Hi there.

Need to pick a race for early-ish summer, or summer.  Definitely NOT doing the Marin Half again.

How is it February?

Ooooh, I love this song.  Perfect to stretch to.

16 thoughts on “Boobs and Other Thoughts

  1. Ahhh stream of consciousness.
    Besides the whole Chicago part, you would be miserable in my house. My closet is not insulated and is always 15 degrees colder. Try walking into that after a warm shower!

    1. my entire body just contracted into a brrr ball thinking about that frigid coldness! BRU-tal. I used to have to warm up my clothes in front of a space heater or with a hair dryer when I was a kid. brrrrrrrrrr

  2. honestly! hil-air-i-ous. i totally AGREE on everything…minus the big boobs the past few days. Although matt did say as much to me just yesterday. Sugarleg rules.

  3. omg I am was having the same thoughts today. How to wear heels more, and how can I compete when stripper boobs are sooooo perfect. UGHHHHHHH!!!! j/k. pretty sure you know that though. :)

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