Song Notes

99% of the time I drive across the Golden Gate Bridge I feel happy and curious and present and content and cool and just a little bit giddy.  The other 1% isn’t even negative, it’s just maybe only one of those things instead of all six.  Today was one of those all-sixers made even more better by stumbling into some Van Morrison on the radio just past the south tower as I went north.  Van and I go way back, but we took a break for a couple years after my divorce.  (Then I watched “The Last Waltz” with that phenomenal performance of “Caravan” near the end of the show and Van got back on my playlists. Uh-maze-balls.  Oh AND I read that Nick Hornby wants that song at his wake.  Brilliant.)

Van the Man crooned “Tupelo Honey” to me as I looked west through the gate, sun still blazing over the Pacific showing signs of spring, but not strong enough yet to overcome Mt. Tam.  I actually tried to force myself NOT to sing, so I wouldn’t ruin it, but then I just turned it up loud enough to drown myself out.  Perfect.

The last song on my run tonight was Ben Harper’s Fly One Time which is a great workhorse of an inspirational that frankly I have been skipping in search of something louder, faster, better, stronger.  Yep, lots of Daft Punk in the house.  But tonight, I let it play and just like my drive over the bridge at sunset less than two hours before, I turned it up and let it do the work.  Just fly one time…

is pounding at my door
screaming for more
in a world that owes you nothing
you give everything

now i’m caught in between
what i can’t leave behind
and what i may never find
so fly one time
fly one time

at the edge of your life
at the edge of our lives
don’t hold on
there’s no fighting back the years
it’s so hard to unlearn fears

now you’re caught between
what you can’t leave behind
and all that you may never find
so fly
just fly one time
i see you so clearly
so clearly
up so high

now you’re caught in between
what you can’t leave behind
and what we may never find
so fly
so fly
one time
so clearly
so clearly
so high
fly one time
just fly one time
if you’d fly one time

6 thoughts on “Song Notes

  1. Love it. What is it about music — the perfect song at the perfect moment — that can completely change the game? I love that you’re so in touch with it. :)

    1. so true!! I realize it can be a very romanticized notion and I often feel like I am living my life as an extended movie montage, but honestly, music and moments are basically church to me.

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