Must. Catch. Up.

I have a writing back-log stacked up, and since it is mostly all inside my brain save for some scrawls in my journals and a few scraps of list-writing paper, I fear the first post out of the gate is going to sound like a Charlie Sheen-style rant.  Good thing a bunch of high profile men melted down into union busting, insanity, racism and violence the past two weeks.  Reminds me  that my problems are merely about finding more energy and scheduling!

I have been running, a little too sporadically, but still I am rolling over some good mileage.  The darkness is easing even if the weather is not; I had Top Ten Rain Run last week or so, got the dogs doused and all.  See their wet dog cuteness?  Much better in photo form.

Duke has better camera manners.

Feels like I have been either crazed or eerily quiet the past few weeks and there is no better evidence of that than a lack of writing.  Although I have lots to say about lots of stuff, there is one topic in particular that has filled me with terror, which is the best mute switch I know.  Want to guess the topic?  Impossible, so I will just force myself into admitting it, thereby forcing self to write about it.  Soon.

Photo shoot.  Oh man did that wig me out.  Whew.  Okay, stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Must. Catch. Up.

  1. Am I understanding right that the photo shoot is the scary topic? Because, yeah. I can see how that could be. I can’t to read it. :) And be kind to yourself. xo

    1. typing can suck it. yes, the photo shoot. ummm, yeah. I will get there to the point where what I write doesn’t sound like psycho babble, but srsly, the babble in my head about it is psycho.

  2. Can’t wait to see all that is in your head. I had some dude at work telling me all the wisdom he has been acquiring via Fox News. Guess what?? He was an angry sounding white man above 50 years old. Poor old sap, spending his whole life being angry. Glad I am not him. :)

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