In My Day It Was Called MOS

Blazing through some blog check-in reads this morning, I was stopped dead in my tracks at this brilliant post about social media and human emotions and Fear of Missing Something, or as my friends and I have called it since college, MOS (Miss-Out Syndrome).  Caterina Fake, who, amongst other internet success stories is the co-founder of Flickr, wrote the piece.

I have been in a seasonal funk, one I blame on my lifelong sheer disdain for spring with all its erratic weather and time changing and messy transitional sludge.  When I get like this and now have the power to be a judgmental voyeur using Facebook like some kind of narcotic, my already sensitive nature is in for a colossal crash with every check-in.  I hate the way I feel when I make flippant conclusions about what I am missing rather than focus on being present in my very own and very superlative life.  Yeah, I may be going through some pot-holed hell for way longer than any normal human being should have to endure, but I am also a consistently tardy bloomer, and if my mom is to be believed, am quite special.  I think it is because most days I do stop to smell every flower along the way.

Ms. Fake refers to Mr. Rogers Emmy acceptance speech, and in the spirit of honoring all of my friends and family who I love dearly, know that I am thinking only the best for you, for way more than 10 seconds.  And I promise, I PROMISE, I will try super hard to accept that you are doing it for me too.

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