It’s serious now folks: I am signed up for TWO events this summer and have tricked inspired several dear college girl friends into running in one of them with me!   Oh, and I have decided to give myself a time goal <gulp> of two hours or less.  The pressure!  (Because without it, I will be lazy in training and then overdo it on race day and hurt myself again.  That is a lesson I only need to learn once.)  And the timing could not be better for all this exercise with bikini season looming.  I have in fact been accused of blatant bikini cruising with these very ladies…

Stay tuned, lots of fun tales to come of all the training going on right now, and I will share as much as my gals let me.

3 thoughts on “1:59:59

    1. ooh, and I can’t wait to go bikini shopping!! I do have my standard American flag bikini at the ready. (I have had one version or another since college, ha!)

  1. I am sorry, I was dealing with other issues from other people who made me really really mad. Not you, of course I want you to hit your goals. Go all out. I’ll be watching. Best of luck to you and your friends. :)

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