American Thighs

Where have the last two weeks gone?  Been bizzybizzybizzy, but in a totally satisfactory, life-is-good-even-with-alotta-lotta-life-going-on kind of way.  However, I do have a gah-narly and super painful muscle spasm in my left trap and neck, so I’m not on a run tonight.  Instead, I have been laying on a tennis ball; the ball gets placed into the knot, then I shift my weight into the ball and it helps undo it.   It f’ing hurts, but in a good way most of the time.  Looking forward to knocking out a fast four miles tomorrow and getting some more writing done and posted.

Sharing another action shot to remind self that muscle spasms are temporary.  Just like everything, this too shall pass.  A very comforting concept.


4 thoughts on “American Thighs

    1. yeah, the action shots she took are v cool. more importantly, I appreciate deeply the use of the… ellipses. :-) even in midst of dear friends dealing with all manner of highly stressful stuff, life feels better with the longer days etc. let’s see how long I can keep it together, ha! hope all is well in your world and the spring winds are not causing too much havoc.

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