People I Don’t Know

I spent most of tonight’s run thinking about Oprah Winfrey, since I am one of Those People who admires her immensely and am not afraid to say it. More to come on this topic after I see the finale show on Wednesday. I expect to be in full-on ugly cry mode and it is supposed to rain, so God (or similar) will be crying too.

The other person I don’t know personally but who I have been thinking about a lot is Lance Armstrong. I remember saying last year on a beach weekend with my girl friends that I thought he was guilty of doping and that sooner or later it would come out. I got some push back. Anyhow, more to write about here too, but I saw this quote and it all clicked.

“No man for any considerable period can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.” Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter

Lance unlike Oprah, is very bewildered.

4 thoughts on “People I Don’t Know

  1. Boy oh boy I let a lot of stuff go, but the George Hincapie quote is “Totally” damning.

    Like Tiger, Lance has to get over that shit. Be honest about it. We cannot hide our faults, but…. well… I am sorry we all have them, me as much as anyone… but it takes courage to admit to them. I think anyway.

    Pretty sure we are on the same sides on this… as with most things. :)


    1. I think the “never failed a test” line is the nail in the coffin. and that the whole sport was lousy with it. that was the culture of the sport. he could not be THE ONLY one not doing it and winning every time. I wish the main stream sports media was covering this more. it is bad bad bad.

  2. Haven’t watched alot of the Oprah Show over the years but always have been a fan. Made a point of watching today and teared up a bit when the Morehouse College recipients of Oprah’s scholarship showed up to honor her. pretty impressive numbers. Stedman had some nice words to say, didn’t know he could speak…Maya Angelou wrote a poem about her, backed up by Alicia Keys on piano and it ended with an “Amazing Grace” tribute from Aretha Franklin. Looking forward to tomorrow’s show… sure to be a good tear jerker.

    1. that tribute from the Morehouse grads was incredibly moving. also loved hearing from Stedman. DVR is set for today!! and then a run to get my wits about me afterward.

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