AFC Half Day 46: Running Metaphors Collide

Get your ass in gear sugarleg!

With less than seven weeks to go to the AFC Half, I am well aware that I am under-trained at this point, yet my stubborn resistance to get my workouts higher on my priority list is all vintage procrastination.  I really do place much of the blame this time on the Boredom Factor,  but even that just gets to be a really lame excuse when there is a goal to be attained.  At least now that I let myself admit how much the work situation has affected me, I can move past it.  And there is no better way to do that than to run.

In a moment of to-do list drafting I came upon a wonderful Lewis Carroll quote from Through The Looking-Glass.  It is from the Red Queen to Alice as they are playing chess.  I will not go further into English teacher context shrouded quote explication mode, but since it is important to me to know something about the context of a quote before applying it to my life, I can affirm that my small amount of research allowed me to keep this one around for enjoyment and inspiration.  It goes like this:

Now, here you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.  If you want to get somewhere else, you must at least run twice as fast as that!

I feel totally validated by the notion that when we are stuck, we are also running.  But it is running in place, running in fear of change, in that hamster wheel that just keeps spinning, but going nowhere.   I liken this to my Boredom Factor and that I got stuck because I got lulled into being complacent through a false sense of security.  Obviously I am dealing with some business-related factors that I must wait out, but big picture, this is not the right place for me to be working or perhaps even living.  So, guess what?  Time to run FASTER, twice as fast in fact!  I need to meet or exceed my time goal in the half-marathon in August and I need to way exceed even my greatest imagination of the perfect job that aligns my talent and skill.  It is out there, and I am coming to get it, and soon.  For all the naysayers and the haste makes wasters out there, yes, I agree with you on rushing-is-bad theory, but that’s not what I am doing.  This increase in speed is actually an increase in awareness AND action, and that is what I have been lacking.

Here is a hamster who speeds himself up fast enough to get flipped out of his wheel.  Don’t go and over-think it my human friends, yes, he goes back for more, because he is a hamster with a brain the size of pea.  But see that speeding it up definitely does work to gain some perspective.  (Also, how great is this video?)


3 thoughts on “AFC Half Day 46: Running Metaphors Collide

  1. Another metaphor I like, which a friend of mine often says, and which sounds like it might apply here: Just keep you knees bent. In other words, just be ready to zig or zag or spring forward as needed. :) I suck at having patience with uncertainty though, and I hope you’re not having to exist with it for too much longer.

    1. ooh I like it. one of my trail running mantras is, “soft knees, soft knees.” so I don’t lock up and catapult myself into a face plant. I will add this to the repertoire. xo

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