Day 18: Surrounded by Luddites. And Addict Hummingbirds.

New crack, I mean nectar. Filled on 8/3/11, evening. Stay tuned for rapid abuse, I mean feeding.

There is an oily colander in my sink.  My favorite sports bras are buried under an Everest of dirty laundry.  Foxtails litter the entryway, just waiting to poke into the paws of my dogs.  Why you ask, would one nearly OCD neat-freak be living in such squalor?

I have been without an internet connection at home since Monday.  Life has ceased to be normal.

Have you ever had your internet connection interrupted without warning?  Yeah, it’s a NIGHTMARE.  I love my iPhone more than most sentient beings and it can do alotta lot of webbie stuff, but really, NO INTERNET CONNECTION?!?!!  I am SO behind on SO much stuff, and have turned so morose I am just leaving a path of messy destruction in my wake.

I am simultaneously stamping my feet and shaking my fist in frustration, mostly because the person on whom I have to rely to get the connection back is, shall we say, ill-equipped to just fix it!  My dear sweet landlord, OG Hippie Extraordinaire, really seriously does not use a computer, let alone know how to trouble shoot a wireless connection install.  And the dude who lived in another unit who did run the matrix for the rest of us unceremoniously moved out on Monday (!) and took the wi-fi with him.  I hate him almost more than that time he smashed my front door in with his fist in a blind rage.  (Yeah, he was all kinds of awesome.)

There are other addicts living at the casita besides me and with their help I realized my own demons.  Who are these drug addled beasts having loud fights outside my window, screeching and squawking trying to hoard their stash?  My hummingbirds of course.  Those brilliant, whimsical, magic, beautiful little feather helicopters are feeding through 12 ounces of nectar in less than a week, and only increasing their consumption!  I have become the nectar pusher of Christmas Tree Hill.

I got a very funny phone call from my landlord at lunch, telling me with great excitement that he got a “booster!”  (huh?) and that all will be fine, so please pop by this evening with my laptop and all will be connected.  I don’t even want to get my hopes up.  I really need that fix and I don’t think he’s as good a dealer as I am to the hummingbirds.  We shall see.  I may even start cleaning the mess.



2 thoughts on “Day 18: Surrounded by Luddites. And Addict Hummingbirds.

  1. You have a way with words. You are funny.

    I’ll give you a couple xoxoxoxoxo’s for your problems. :)

    Hope all is squared away in internetville. :)

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