Day ?!??!?!!: Tough Mudder is WHEN?

23, that’s twenty-three days have passed since my last post, because I have had a LOT going on, not the least of which was negotiating a new job salary, accepting new job, giving notice at present job, and going out from present job with a massive coordinating project but also regular busy stuff like hosting out-of-towners, celebrating several birthdays, recovering from hangovers, buying kombucha on sale, getting sore hamstring fixed, growing out my hair, babysitting my nephew, intervening on my dad’s insistence at dressing like a slob, fighting with the hummingbird feeder not feeding, cooking vats of marinara, shamelessly flirting, going to a Giants game, writing handfuls of thank you notes (which, how good are thank you notes? I <3 writing them… ), making parking maps for the new housemates at the casita, running, jumping rope, doing push-ups and oh, I don’t know, sleeping?

And yeah, the Tough Mudder is on Saturday.  I am saying it now: I am walking AROUND the the Funky Monkey.

4 thoughts on “Day ?!??!?!!: Tough Mudder is WHEN?

  1. Yes, growing your hair out is a time suck ;-). Seriously though- very busy! That is why we haven’t chatted in ages!! It is all fucking awesome busy though!

  2. You do the most when you have the most to do, right? Also, you kick the most ass when most asses need kicking. Damn, I’m on a roll today! I need to see about writing fortune cookie messages for a living. You, on the other hand, should continue kicking ass and … er … growing hair. ;)

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