Tough Mudder Recap Teaser

Transition Time up in here.  I have been every kind of cliche about busy since late August: swamped, up to both ass and eyeballs, running around like a chicken with my head cut off, crawling across the finish lines of each day, etc.  I have actually been texting friends to ask if I texted them/voicemailed them/emailed them/snail mailed them because I CAN”T REMEMBER ANYTHING!  Transition Time this time is pretty much all welcome and exciting change that I created for myself, as opposed to Transition Time that is forced upon you and mainly reactionary.  That being said, I am nearing the end of my energy fueled by magic adrenaline, and now need to focus and balance and get back in front of the line.  It’s a much more inspiring view up there.

As a reminder mostly to myself that I intend to write a post about the Tough Mudder, here is the official video of the NorCal event from last weekend.  It was SO fun and SO beautiful up on the mountain and that beer tasted SO good at the end.  Here’s a sip.

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