Year End Review

A couple weeks ago, I was supposed to run the North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon, which is a trail half, right here in the GGNRA  and an event I have done the last two years.  When I ran it for the first time in 2009, I also challenged myself to write daily for the last 3o days of training.  It was a massive personal success and so much fun that I ran it in 2010, to considerably less fanfare and much worse weather.  I was undertrained in 2010; I finished the race slower than 2009, and injured my left foot into a two week limp and several expensive healing treatments all for the lesson that I had to pay closer attention to pain being different than soreness.

This summer I ran a half in San Diego in August and then did the NorCal Tough Mudder in September.  The TM had a much longer course than the year before, so it’s likely I was a little ill-prepared for that too but adrenaline, insanity and Team Mudtallica got me through it.  I signed up for the North Face Half anyway, intending to train right and strong, until I realized my left knee and right hamstring were just not ever feeling okay, more like electric cattle prods were being shot into my joints and muscles with every stride, or if I wore high heels.  Yes, that was the validation of the injuries: the inability to wear already ill-advised footwear thereby ruining a great outfit.

With a lack of running, my writing jams up too, which as I have lamented before, I don’t like one bit.  It being the end of the year and an obvious time for reflection, I have added this conundrum to my list of what to work on in 2012.  (I must make a big happy note though, that 2011 was the first year in about the last seven or so where more seem to go well than not, so hey, progress!)  In that herky jerky six weeks of to train or not to train I did write several drafts and had one MASSIVE epiphany about a project I want to undertake in 2012.  My intention is to beat Resistance back for the next two weeks of 2011, finish the good ones of the drafts and begin to outline the bigger project.  This is my way of applying some discipline that I want to be spending on running, and hopefully building a new muscle that can lift my writer’s brain up when my knees need some rest.

Fingers crossed!

One thought on “Year End Review

  1. Yeah, I remember you being injured earlier. It sucks, but I guess us runners will have those periods. Glad 2011 was good, and let’s hope for an even better 2012. :)

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