I Had Such A Good Sleep!

I really only opened my computer just now to check my flight times as I am headed back to Cali this afternoon… but of course, got a little sidetracked with email, Facebook and watching some videos.  (Side note, I am in this very moment deciding aloud how to back away from FB.  I love my friends, and do understand the technological wonder that is the FB platform instantly interconnecting us all, but I need to adjust my time with it and there is no time like the New Year to make some positive tweaks to the ol’ routine.  More on this later.)

I don’t watch that many internet videos, mostly because they all suck, but somehow stumbled upon the Shit Girls Say videos this past week and pretty much have not laughed that hard at a short film since Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s, “The Landlord” that launched Funny or Die.  (Pre-FB I might add!)  I emailed it to my three best girl friends and we dissolved into txt giggles and our own versions of shit we say.  Then I found myself with a friend at a Christmas party and while gathering  our coats in the back bedroom, she responded, “Right?” to one of my comments and I knew she had to see these. We spent the next four minutes doubled over in laughter at the string of bon mots.

I had to know more, so I found this fantastic interview with Graydon Sheppard, the co-creator of the videos and Twitter feed of the same name.  Please please please watch them below and read the article and LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!  Don’t watch Episode 3 though… it’s so not good.

2 thoughts on “I Had Such A Good Sleep!

  1. I’ll have to check those vids out later. I have been watching movies all day, and am all tuckered out of watching stuff on my computer. I scouted you out on Twitter. Didn’t know you had one. I friend requested ya, but I know you are pretty private, but did it anyway. I am Piklman2.

    No biggie either way. Have a good flight back. :)

    1. Hi Steve :-) I don’t have a Twitter… must be someone else or an account I thought I wanted and forgot about. I will note your handle for when/if ever I decide to jump on. Happy New Year!

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