On The Broncos, Manning, and Tebow

Being a Denver Broncos fan is something like being the rodeo cowboy who rides these wild horses. You try to hang on for just eight seconds while they thrash and buck, an almost willful intention to disappoint you and break your spirit, if not your ribs. They can’t ever seem to just do what we want, be consistent and win, but we keep climbing back on for another set of downs, another season, another ride.

I have been a Broncos fan for as long as I can remember, a willing enabler in our codependent relationship because I just keep hoping they will get it together THIS time. (And what is being a football fan, or sports fan in general without recognizing that the agonies are actually why we watch?) However, I have had stronger boundaries with my team the past two seasons because they clearly needed the space to work out their issues and me mine. I kept tabs on this whole Tebow mania, but have never once felt that he was the answer to the ongoing quarterback problem. The fact that the media went into groupthink overdrive about his religion just made me more nuts. (I’m in favor of a mandated separation of church and sports as well, but seeing how that’s working out in our public institutions, I recognize it’s an uphill battle.)

Enter Peyton Manning. My close friends with whom I regularly exchange football banter and actual discussion know that I’ve called him a robot, boring and have dismissed him with a few other more colorful phrases. (These same people are also not afraid of my very aggressive and actual screaming of profanities at the television during Bronco games.) I’ve watched Manning destroy defenses with his considerable and quantifiable skill as a QB, not just the wild thrashing and prayers of the young Tebow. I am now very intrigued as to what he still has left in him while part of my favorite team. Maybe I’ve mellowed with age too, but I’m willing to give him my Bronco love.

Here is the great article that caused this little rumination. And I’m totally for keeping Tebow as a running back or a tight end. A QB he is not. Time to saddle up…

Update:  Tim Tebow is now a NY Jet.

Update #2: Oopsie!  Contract problems!

5 thoughts on “On The Broncos, Manning, and Tebow

  1. That makes them a legitimate threat I think. He is a good QB, and a smart Football QB, and that is good. Like having a coach on the field.

    That is good for Denver. I believe in a separation of Church and damn near everything btw. :)

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