Vernally Equinoxious

Apparently, spring arrived on March 20th.  I had it in my winter-numb skull that it was getting here on March 22nd this year, for no other reason than it has been on March 22nds of the past and that seemed like the day it should be on.  I can shamelessly admit to a high consumption of Irish alcoholic beverages on the 17th, so perhaps that is what threw my brain off.  Also, all the non-running.  (On the recovery front, have been introduced to THE sportie acupuncturist to cure me, booking a round of treatments is on the agenda for this week.)

I did do the two-mile walk loop tonight though, and brought along my iPhone which is rare.  (It only comes with me on trail runs and stays on mute the whole time.)  And so, I snapped some pictures.  Am involved in a little project that I am enjoying so I needed to do my homework.  Here’s a few shots.  Yes, I picked totally forgiving subjects and bow down to my Instagram filters. What can I say:  I’m just a girl going through a photography phase.  In springtime.




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