Longer Days, New Shoes

Two of my three signature colors!

The longer days are a delight and a curse; there is more time to get things done, and yet more things to do.  This includes funtimes and silliness, not just work, and knee rehab, and jury duty, and intentionally working on being a generally good human.  But I’ll take the longer days’ challenge to have more time to do more meaningful things, even if it is making  labels for the file folders in my office.  Also, because label makers rule.

Knee rehab seems to being going well: did two gentle two-mile runs this week without pain.  My asthmatic lungs are a different story, but I will add some jump roping to get those suckers reminded of how that oxygen/gas exchange is supposed to work when the heart rate rises.  Early sunrise jump roping is actually quite enjoyable.

Got some new non-running shoes from the elves at Zappos.  How happy are Zappos boxes?! Almost as happy as these new kicks.


2 thoughts on “Longer Days, New Shoes

    1. you know it sister, RED!!! ;-) yes, knee feeling okay… just being gentle and mindful and doing a lot of heat and ice and getting back to some proper stretching.

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