My Peach And Your Peen

For those following along, those on the extreme far right of the Republican party have been trying, and in many, many cases succeeding, at taking away the health care rights of women for the better part of the last two years.  This has mainly been happening on the state level (Arizona, North Carolina, Mississippi, Virginia to name a mere handful), but nationally the US House of Representatives has been trying to defund Planned Parenthood even though it is the number one provider of reproductive health care services to women and families.  It should be noted that most of these laws start with taking away choice rights, mainly by making laws that make it illegal for doctors to perform abortions, or to force women to watch ultrasounds before the procedure.  Most of these ultrasounds are stipulated to be “transvaginal” which is a clinical term for when they stick an ultrasound rod inside of your vagina to get the pictures.  That’s not invasive or stressful at all.

This week the women state representatives of Michigan were the latest to fight these extremists, with a taste of their own medicine.  A new bill restricting abortion providers ad nauseum was up for debate and vote, so the women, per procedure added amendments to the bill.  Representative Barb Byrum proposed an amendment that would require proof of a medical emergency prior to a doctor performing a vasectomy, which you know, only happens on penises.  Her sister-in-arms, Representative Lisa Brown said during debate, ““I’m flattered you’re all so concerned about my vagina. But no means no.”  For their trouble, they were gaveled down by the speaker.  Sorry ladies, you’re upsetting the men folk with talk of your parts.  But please, show us your tits!

Here’s how I know ALL women are over it.  Fox anchor and stalwart right-wing mouthpiece Gretchen Carlson, however half-laughing, WALKED OFF THE SET OF FOX AND FRIENDS this morning after being fed up with women-bashing, sexist jokes.  Although I hate it when Gretchen plays dumb (she is a Stanford grad, Miss America 1989 AND plays the violin), she was all smarts this morning.

Bottom line: the point has tipped.  Watch out extremists.  Not only will you soon be enjoying less vagina for your penises, you will soon be out of jobs.

I have a vagina and I vote.

6 thoughts on “My Peach And Your Peen

  1. I am so grateful when you put your spot-on, brilliant thoughts on paper. Thanks for speaking up for all of us walking vaginas!!! xo.

    1. All hail vaginas!!! This came out a bit rough for my liking, but I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING. Oy! Thank you thank you thank you for reading and being such a passionate supporter of PEOPLE. xoxo

  2. “Vaaaaa-gi-na! Va-jay!” (To the tune of “Volare”.) I agree with everything, (s?)natch, but my hands-down favorite description of Gretchen Carlson is “lemon-scented floor mop,” via Gawker. ;)

  3. I don’t typically pay attention to cable news, because it seems all they do is try to piss people off. Good for Gretchen.

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