Goodbye, Epic Binge

It’s that time again.  Everything, not just the dusty casita, needs to be cleansed.

Here I am, in the middle of training for my third Tough Mudder and I just went on an epic 14-day too-much and too-little binge which included three and a half days of debauchery in Charleston, South Carolina.  (You have not been debauched if you have not eaten and drank to excess in the deep South; not even Vegas compares.)  It’s been too much caffeine, too little sleep, too much candy, too little veggies, too much bacon, too little quinoa, too much booze, too little water, too much laziness, too little exercise, too much TV, too little writing… it all boils down to no energy, no spark, dull skin and hard-to-button pants.  And yes, once my pants are compromised, I pay attention.  Vanity is a real bitch.

So today, with 35 days to go until Tough Mudder NorCal 2012, I am getting my cleanse on for a week or so, preparing the fridge for fruits and veggies, posting the blender in a prominent spot on the counter, and looking forward to some clean, bright, fresh eating and smoothie drinking.  I am also slightly worried about procrastination winning again and the crippling caffeine headaches, but I just have to let the worry be there, and then take a deep breath and a sip of a smoothie to calm it down.  I am going to try to incorporate more writing into the intended discipline here, as it’s all really connected and therapeutic.  And I miss it.

I did get some encouragement to stop the Epic Binge from a Tough Mudder quiz I took, found on their fantastic website.  After you look at the course map for what Mudtallica is facing, take the quiz for fun.  Here’s my results:


4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Epic Binge

  1. I know this pain of hard-to-button pants. But if you’re Tough Mudder score is 92, your pants are probably just afraid of how they might be ripped to shreds. ;)

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