Runners Know Their Times

2010 Marin County Half-Marathon

Here is the list I keep in the drafts folder of my WordPress dashboard of my half-marathon times for safekeeping, reference, pride, comparison, information, motivation, curiosity, training and did I mention personal pride?  As you can see, there is a range of times.  I know by looking at them what my training plan was, what the course and weather was that day and if I was injured or not.  The times matter to me because it is the tangible record of how all those other factors impacted my race that day and ultimately THE TIME.

Paul Ryan lying about his marathon time is just absolutely stupid, foolish, arrogant and immature.  To complete a marathon is a huge feat, one that I actually never plan on doing!  So to lie about it diminishes the impressive accomplishment that it is. And not to put too fine a point on it, but someone who would lie about their marathon time and then when caught give a cutesy anecdote about how he confused his time with his brother’s makes me unable to trust anything coming out of his mouth ever.

2008 Big Sur half 2:18:30, 10:34 pace

2009 America’s Finest City half 2:08:31, 9:49 pace

2009 North Face Endurance Challenge, 2:29:46, 11:24 pace

2010 Marin County half 2:04:32, 9:30 pace

2010 North Face Endurance Challenge, 2:37:29, 12:00 pace

2011 America’s Finest City Half 2:08:45, 9:50 pace


4 thoughts on “Runners Know Their Times

  1. I almost find this lie worse than any he said during his convention speech. Political lies are commonplace and really not all that surprising. But to lie about a personal accomplishment makes me wonder if Ryan is a compulsive liar. I’m not a runner but I don’t need to be to know that runners know their times if they run a marathon. His sweet elf-face would be a good cover if only he kept his mouth shut.

    1. thanks for the comment JP! I agree; I expect, rather dejectedly, that ALL politicians have an elastic relationship with the truth. but yeah, to so easily lie about a VERIFIABLE personal accomplishment? lame and very problematic. when the interviewer exclaimed his obvious and impressed excitement, Ryan followed up with, “yeah, I was fast when I was younger.” REALLY??? no, you were average and you just told another lie!

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