So Busy Right Now

I read somewhere the other day or week or minute ago, pretty sure it was a quote post on someone’s Facebook, “Stop the glorification of busy.”  Really, go back and read that again.  Here, I will write it again and add a word or two for emphasis:

Stop already with the f’ing glorification of busy.  

I want you to try and let it sink in, and feel a little disgust with busy.  Think about how busy controls you, how easily you let the phrases, “I’ve/we’ve/you’ve been so BUSY, sorry, I’m just SO SO SO BUSY!” slip out of your mouth, or through your fingers into emails and txts and that you have completely lost control of the meaning of busy because you’re so fucking busy telling everyone how busy you are.  I do it.  You do it.  We all do it.

I don’t think I want to enumerate the ways we all let our lives be consumed with tasks and stress, even to the point where planning a vacation is 100% stressful. (Oh wait, I have not taken more than seven days off in a row to relax and ‘vacate’ in close to 10 years.)  You can read about busy here, (it’s a NYTimes piece and is fantastic) as I did this past June, BUT then did nothing to change my patterns.  I am still equal parts busy and exhausted, stuck in a rut of believing that if only I can just get SO organized I will dominate my email inbox, my writing, my running, my social life, my hopes and my dreams.  Obviously being organized is important, but bouts of mad desk cleaning in between long stretches of inbox chaos are still not solving my problem of feeling beholden to busy-ness.  And bottom line, we all end up spending less quality time with the people we love because we are so damned busy doing whatever it is that keeps us so distracted and not getting enough sleep (that’s a big one for me…)

So here I am, the day before the Tough Mudder and nothing I have been drafting in notes has made it to posts from all the training I have been doing all summer.  Because you guys, I am busy.  And sorry, something had to give.  And you know what?  It was me.  Ugh.

I am excited for tomorrow and 12 miles and 27 obstacles of muck and mire, but I am more excited to perhaps have finally found some courage to look for a better way than just “be more organized!” to combat the busy trap.  I have totally coddled, enabled and now glorified Busy to the point where she is a screaming diva alcoholic toddler bridezilla spoiled starlet b-yotch from HELL and I am so OVER her. You should be over yours too.

I love a long summer shadow. Nothing busy here.

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