Camp Mighty: Do It

I like to joke about my laziness. I joke about my laziness because I have been ashamed that I cannot seem to get more achieved in the past several years, so I equate that with laziness which if you had not heard is an actual SIN and somehow if it’s sinful to be lazy, well then I have bigger problems than not writing a blog post everyday and getting a book deal. Or similar.

The truth is, whatever I put my mind to doing, I pretty much get it done, or even cooler, get moving along to a place that reveals a whole new set of adventures and opportunities. I am pretty powerful when put my mind to it.

We all are.

Getting myself to Camp Mighty this year was one of those achievements. I knew that if I could be at a retreat with women who inspire me, I would stop being fake-lazy and start doing some mighty creative work. I knew that if I could take a road trip, I could clear a part of my jammed up head. I knew that if I asked for help, it would probably show up. I knew it would scare the shit out of me, but that nothing I have ever done and was eventually thrilled by didn’t at first scare the shit out of me. I knew that if I just made a list, and then shared it and then listened to others’ lists and laughed a lot and cried a little and got a little drunk and wore sequins (thank you Echeve!) and danced and had a roommate and took notes and pictures and hot tubs and did it all for three days at once, well then, laziness is for actual sloths and Life Lists are for the Mighty.

Yes, another non-specific overview of Camp Mighty. I will tell the tales of the talks and the sponsors and the perfect and the weird moments as they come up for me. Doing it that way honors how long I know I need to bask in something, and then create it, and then share it. For now, some photos. Money shot at the end.

Click the pic below for wacky Space Party moves.


6 thoughts on “Camp Mighty: Do It

  1. You know, I can be really hard on myself about my “laziness” too, but really I think that any creative endeavor needs time to marinate. It would take me quite awhile to even figure out what I thought if I’d had the experience you did, much less write about it. So take your time — your Fan Club (hi!) will be here to enjoy whatever you share. xo

    1. Marinate is the word of choice, that’s where all the flavor is right??? Thanks Kim, I could not do it without the Fan Club, no lie! xoxo (and you should come next year too!)

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