Sincerely Yours

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for making my birthday day such a delight yesterday (and on Friday at work!) You sent thoughtful and funny birthday cards, txt messages, emails, Facebook posts and you called on the phone. (Loving the phone these days!) You sang to me and made me margaritas and gave me sweet little gifts and took pictures. You made me feel special and happy and valued and loved. I always love my birthday for these little joys it brings, even when it was the kind of birthday day I spent mostly basking in my pajamas as opposed to doing something out of the ordinary. What is extraordinary are all those sentiments you shared with me. That’s all I need to start my own new year with wonder and good spirits and strength. You shared yourselves with me. You are good people. I will aim to do the same for you. Thank you. xoxo

Always be greeted by the handy work of a birthday elf at your office.
Always be greeted by the handy work of a birthday elf at your office.
Cuteness is important.
Cuteness is important.
Always reflect on your birthday.
Always reflect on your birthday.

PS, you get 15% off at Anthropologie on your actual birthday. You heard it here.

PPS, the North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon scheduled for today was cancelled due to weather. So even though I was going to have to pull out due to some under-training on the ol’ asthmatic lungs, I now don’t have to feel badly AND I get to use the entry for a race next year, and I am on my way to staying in shape for the month of eating and drinking chaos, HOORAY!


5 thoughts on “Sincerely Yours

  1. What a lovely birthday you had! I’m so tickled everyone made you feel so special! Bummer about the race, but if you were stressing over it (and your body wasn’t cooperating) it was def for the better. I’m stressing about my 15K already, and that’s not till January! Must…get…training. :)

    1. thanks Peach!! yes, a lovely day to be sure :-) and yes, I know it was the right decision even though they canceled, but ugh, I hate feeling ill-prepared! only one cure for that… good luck with your training, look forward to following your progress and writing in support of you about it!

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