Pain and Fortune

Nothing can screw up great training momentum like an injury. I have had to make the tough decision several times to back-off intensity, take extra rest days and even pull out of races due to a tweaked knee here, a hurting foot there or too much asthma everywhere. As much as I know allowing time for rest and recovery will result in regained strength, the Drill Sargent in my head keeps screaming at me to suck it up and push through the pain without regard for the fact that it’s not motivation I lack. Therefore, that Drill Sargent is an asshole.

This weekend I had all kinds of lists and action plans and energy to dominate my January re-org/get-org’d goals. I mean, I LOVE JANUARY! I have been planning methodically since last weekend and could not wait to get going, and then… injury. Or age-related pain, I’m not sure which, but since late Saturday, my body is in a FUNK and I cannot move or sit or stand lay down without wincing. Since I’m not a wimp and know how to manage these things, I took some Aleve and tried to rest, but no, this pain wanted to party. I had to drop all my delightful Life List plans, including writing since there was no physical position I could find in which I was not startled by the sound of my own whimpering. (The good news is, that sound was drowning out the barking to get over it.)

So, I’m having to pause January domination for a couple days, rest and recover, and be kind to myself. That appears to be antidote not only to my creaky tailbone, but to my super aggressive ego. I did unearth this stash of fortunes before my body seized up, so clearly I have a lot to look forward to. Take that Drill Sarge.



10 thoughts on “Pain and Fortune

  1. Ugghhh! I’m so sorry to hear you’re sidetracked by pain, but glad you’re listening to your bod and letting it rest. There are lessons in all of it, right? I really hope you’re back to kicking (more) ass soon! xo

  2. Never fun when your brain and body are on opposing sides, but you know that in the end you’re making the best choice for you. Does it still suck the big one? YUP. Hang in there and big hugs.

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