Introducing… Hot Links!

Thursdays are good days. You can see the weekend, but you’re still pumping out the jams with much energy at work, and at night you can even find yourself out at a show or staying up late to watch Archer. Yes, even YOU parental units! Thursdays kind of rule. Thanksgiving? Always on a Thursday. Need more proof? Must See TV was on Thursdays, natch.

So it’s with much  good Thursday mojo that I introduce a new weekly feature here on sugarleg: Hot Links! (And yes, I am a huge HUGE fan of the Louisiana variety.)

Some of my favorite weekly posts in my blog reads are link round-ups, which can of course lead to a little rabbit-holing, BUT, when well-selected, links entertain and inform and connect. However, so many happen on Fridays, which hello, you know about the white hot love affair I have going on with Friday (hey, Friday… that tickles!) ANYWAY… Fridays are crowded with links and Thursday is stepping up!

You can expect to see silliness, tearjerking, fashion, politics, friends, music, recipes AND OF COURSE… geeky running and sports links and other random bits of awesomeness. And since they will all be compiled and posted around Thursday lunch time, you can read and be caught up for the week, prepped for the weekend and then share the whole gig with your peeps.

Like the smart runner that I am, I am going to start SLOW and steady… so here… we… go…

New British study showing elite athletes are NOT willing to dope for gold. Ya-HOO.

Oh how I love seeing high school year book photos of basically everyone and anyone. Check the hair!

As much as I know living in the present is the secret to life, I can never get enough of Argentine photographer Irina Werning’s Back to the Future projects. Trust.


Kelly Wearstler, please eat something.

Wanna come visit??

And finally, this old video of birds playing guitars as part of an art installation popped in my head the other day. See: whimsical.


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