Hot Links: Super Bowl, Guns and Singing!

Happy Thursday y’all. One more sleep until Friday and only three more until the Super Bowl! Yes, we are extra excited here in San Francisco, because not only are we home to the World Champion San Francisco Giants, we are about to be home of the Six-Time Super Bowl Champion San Francisco 49ers!! The city is bathed in all manner of red and gold and not even the idiotic, ignorant comments of one of our cornerbacks can get us down. What am I talking about?? Here’s the link fest.

SF 49er cornerback Chris Culliver said some REALLY inane bullshiz about having gay teammates. Here is local sportswriter Ann Killion’s blog about it and what I like even more is this list of quotes from other 49er players pretty much showing that Culliver is the one in the minority here. Also, back to the SF Giants for a sec, they were THE FIRST national professional sports team to support the “It Gets Better” anti-bullying campaign. (As I noticed earlier this week while walking up California Street to my office, the destination signs on several Muni buses said either “GO NINERS!” or “EQUALITY FOR ALL.”  And that’s why we hella heart SF!)

I LOVE MAPS. Also, football. See where your team is.

I HATE GUNS. But I love jewelry. THESE are so badass I cannot stand it. I want now! (Background on the org is here.)

I HAVE STRONG DISLIKE FOR KILLER CATS. Ugh, please keep your cats inside.

No, I did not forget that Beyonce is doing the half time show, but what I am way more excited for is her HBO Documentary that premieres on February 16. I mean, you guys, she is BEYOND-ce.

And finally, best for last…

I am in that camp of not really liking Anne Hathaway, for no other discernible reason than, “idk, she just bugs.” It’s way immature I am aware, but, apparently, it’s a HUGE camp. Here is this awards season’s best parody of earnest, dramatic, musical theatre turned cinema and the Oscar it is BEGGING to win. Click and laugh and laugh and laugh!!!

6 thoughts on “Hot Links: Super Bowl, Guns and Singing!

        1. I know they are so cool right?!?!! We’ll have to investigate the sizing. The cuff might work better for your skinny wrists. I want the bangles. Glad you liked the links!

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