Hot Links: Uglies, Cookies, and the Scared

I have not <KNOCK ON WOOD WITH CONSTANTLY WASHED HANDS> been afflicted with this heinous, interminable  flu, but instead am suffering a severe case of The Uglies. The Uglies is that scourge that comes about without warning, but when tracked, the evidence of infection is obvious: lack of sleep, intermittent to nonexistent exercise, aggressive cheese eating, a humming DVR. This time my Uglies have resulted in a pesky patch of eczema on my face and my dermo is far too expensive and hard to book to make the effort to get the good clear-up salve when I have so much cheese to eat and miles to avoid running. Due to said red looking chin skin, I have succumbed to other attacks by The Uglies. Hair is lifeless and dull, all clothes are drab, boring, and ill-fitting, toes have not been pedi’d in… hmmm. I might actually need a time machine to take me that far back to my last pedicure. For someone as vain as I am basically proud to admit, these Uglies might as well be that damn flu.

The Uglies also make me kind of dumb and not so writerly. But with all things, this too shall pass. (<— is there any better saying BTW?!) Until I get my pretty back, I will continue to read the interwebs, and provide Hot Links for you. Because I am about as internet-addicted as I am vain. So here we go!!

Tomorrow is National Girl Scout Cookie Day! (Does it seem too early?? Nope it’s not, you are just getting older and therefore time is going faster. Accept it!) Never feel badly about the barrage of solicitations you get from parents of Girls Scouts. Just buy a box from each and remember, they are only trying to facilitate YOUR addiction. PS, always put your Thin Mints in the freezer, but note this will not slow the consumption of one-sleeve at a time chomping.

Today is the kick-off of New York Fashion Week! Oh how I love clothes… and watching the runway shows has been a favorite pastime of mine since my mom and I would watch Style with Else Klensch every week on CNN. NYMag has this great feature on the fast evolution of fashion stars’ street style, basically how they have all stepped it up, or crazied it up knowing they will be photographed. (I prefer the befores!) For all you Intagrammers out there, here is a handy list of IG accounts to follow of models, editors and fashion gadflies. Lots of fun behind the scenes pics.

If you watch Archer, here are the human models the animators used as inspiration to draw the characters. If you don’t watch Archer, you are deeply uncool. <Burn>

OMG, Puppy Conan.


These are Dutch tulip fields from above! See more here.

I am about to say something controversial:

I do not like Kid President. I am so unmoved by Kid President in fact, that I am not going to link to him. (Also because you have already been bombarded by KP in your Facebook feed, there is no need to do it here.) BUT, I am going to link to what I think is a much more imaginative and playful video inspired by a kid’s mind and a film maker’s creativity. This reminds me of how my nephew thinks and talks and plays and that The Uglies are just a Scared who is scared too. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Hot Links: Uglies, Cookies, and the Scared

  1. Ohhhh and you are sooooo beautiful-voice, humor, mindfulness, existence, interrelationships, and all that’s physical beauty! xoxoxox, h

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