Hot Links: Valentines, Puppy Dogs and Palindromes!

Happy Valentine’s Day you guys! Or as we say in New Mexico, “Eeee, Happy Valentimes Day!” This week could not be crazier with more work and life stuff and deadlines and no sleep or exercise, so the links are short and sweet, just like your favorite drug store Valentine poems.

In honor of the just finished Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, here are pics of Parker Posey visiting backstage, I cannot believe this was the first time she did this, but omg, so cool!! (Incidentally, my new favorite dog fact is this one from the National Wildlife Federation: dogs have a larger heart to body mass ratio than all other mammals. Dogs rule.)

This is my Facebook cover photo today. Even despots want Valentines!

despotic valentines

While you are chomping down your conversation hearts, perhaps you are hungry for a bit more word play. I love a good palindrome and thanks to the good people of the internets, there is a site dedicated to the alphabetical indexing of all palindromes. (Wow. <— one word palindrome.) Although kids LOVE palindromes (moms, great for the car!) my pick for today is naughty-Valentine themed.

A slut nixes sex in Tulsa.

That’s right girl, respect yourself!

And while we’re talking sluts and whores, this is an all time fave. Happy Love, lovers!!  xoxo

peggy valentines


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