Hot Links: Did You Read It?

Friends! I’m back!

Forgot to mention, that I have been super busy at work and therefore missed posting all my Oscar rants and raves last Thursday. Mostly the report goes like this: I loved the dresses; I laughed at MacFarlane while being keenly aware of his sexism and immaturity (I was kind of taken aback at the knee-jerk reaction to his performance – did they not know who they hired?, so this post from Lindy West sums up my feelings best); I still wish Zero Dark Thirty’s Jessica Chastain won for Best Actress, and I found the timing of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s retraction of an investigation into Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal quite suspect. (The baseless investigation completely derailed the movie’s chances for big awards, what with their trumped up charges of the film makers’ saying that the US’s participation in torture, oh, sorry I mean “enhanced interrogation”, did not lead directly to the capture and killing of Bin Laden.)

Arriving at sunset at Reagan National in DC.
Arriving at sunset at Reagan National in DC.

That is the perfect segue into this week’s links, which reflect the other part of my world, my work for a nonprofit/policy think tank/politics incubator/ etc. I was sent off to DC on a moment’s notice to help wrangle events that our organization was participating in and so, I thought I would give y’all some links to sites and stories I like reading when I am not updating my Life List over at Go Mighty.

If I am feeling particularly snarky, I catch-up at Wonkette. Be prepared, it’s super bitchy, but oh so funny.

If I need to see what the R’s are up to on the Hill, it’s the Washington Times. Wow, so tone deaf, but you have to know what your opponents, who may soon be your co-sponsors, are up to.

Ezra Klein. That is all.

Oh wait, not sure if I was a liberal yet? I also love Think Progress.

And before I really embarrass myself, I will leave it to Fred and Carrie to explain how much of this stuff I read. Yes, I read it.


2 thoughts on “Hot Links: Did You Read It?

  1. Heeeeee! My hubs has started pointing out how whenever he mentions some current-eventy thing, my response is frequently, “yeah, I just read something about that…” I’m sure he thinks it’s charming.

    (He doesn’t think it’s charming.) ;)

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