Um, Ommmm?

It’s on the Life List 2013: Start a Meditation Practice. So, tomorrow, Monday 11, March, 2013, I am going to attempt to start to try to learn how to invite the practice of mediation into my life, maybe hopefully, but it counts, right?

It totally counts.

Am slightly terrified.

And I just took a deep breath to calm that fear.

Annnnnyway, I am going to join Oprah and Deepak, and if you want to try to, here is the link to sign up for the class. If I flail or fail, I will just regroup and hit up Spirit Rock.

But this is a start.

6 thoughts on “Um, Ommmm?

  1. Hey, this is not terrifying, maybe thoughts of failure are but the practice is just that, practice. There is no magic trick and it is not an instant road to enlightenment. The idea is simple. Observe your thoughts, even if they are laundry lists. Make no jundgements about those thoughts, just let them drift in and out. The reward after a time, is that you will stop being judgemental and come to a peaceful place of stillness where nothing can ripple the calmness. Hang in there. If you are doing more than 5 minutes, it’s probably too much to start but practice with a stove timer, until you have a feel for how long 5 minutes is… This can be a little tricky because sometimes it feels like forever and sometimes like less than a minute has gone by….The idea is to be with yourself in a non-judgemental way for as long as you can. Start slow and then free up slowly as well… If you are listneing to guided meditation, it does all the work for you and this is quite good, and it is not the same as sitting with the silence, which has rich benefits down the line. Starting anywhere is good and I wish you joy and quiet…. Blessings, Chris

    1. Chris, thank you for this. apparently, this Oprah/Deepak 21-day intro is all guided and about 17 minutes a day. that def seems long to me, but like you say, it is about developing the skill through practice. I am going to think of this as training wheels, and then removing them will be moving on and up to the silent meditations. and yes, the fear is that I will do it wrong (even though that is not possible) and that I have to listen to my garbage thoughts… so on that note, deep breath! I will report back and thank you for the support! xo

  2. Ooooommm! Please report back on this! I’ve tried meditating before and it’s one of those (many) things where I can totally see how it would be a great, enriching thing to do and can’t seem to make myself do it. But you’re far more determined than I am … I want to hear about your experience! xo

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