Hot Links: Girl Power, Riggins and Spiders Oh My!

Even though I loathe Daylight Savings Time, it does mark a point in the year when I can get my running schedule back on track (no pun intended; if there were a track near me with lights, I could not make this springtime claim) as I prefer to run in the evenings. Because I cannot wake up. Because I don’t sleep enough. But that’s another story.

In the last two weeks, I have gotten some honest to goodness road runs in, so that is a triumph. While the longer days have enabled the time, I found great inspiration from the opening of the fantastic PBS documentary about the Women’s Movement called MAKERS. And even though I am not a marathoner, I was so happy to see and hear Kathrine Switzer tell her famous story about being the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon in 1967, basically paving the way for half-marathoning chicks like me to just take my pick of event anytime I can get my legs in shape enough to run! Also, BADASS, she was getting chased by the race officials and kept running anyway!

Here is when I love the internets the most, in kind collaboration on an art project. At Selfless Portraits, you post your FB profile photo for an anonymous person to render into a drawing for you, and you do the same for someone else. I have not done yet, because I cannot draw and don’t want to disappoint someone, but check out the galleries! Let me know if you do it.

I love maps. I love TV. I love Austin (and I want to go back and stay for a week). And I love Friday Night Lights. So thank you NYMag for this handy filming locations map of FNL in Austin. It brings all my loves and wistful memories of film production together and like a winning Panthers drive late in the 4th quarter.

There are so many spiders making a home in my casita, I don’t even startle anymore when one drops down from the ceiling to say hi. Of course I relieve him of his life with my bare hands, but no screaming anymore. However, I might reconsider my executions after looking at these macro photos of spiders. Who you calling Four Eyes?

And finally, more girl power. I am NOT a video gamer, but I had a real soft spot for this story I heard on NPR about a video game designer dad who reprogrammed an old Donkey Kong game to allow Pauline to be the hero and  fight the ape. Why did he do this? Because his three-year old daughter wanted to be the girl doing the fun stuff. YOU GO DAD AND DAUGHTER!!! (For the super geeks, there is a link in the NPR story to the story he wrote for Wired how he did it.) Video of Pauline kicking ass is below. That makes me want to run too.

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