Monkey Mind

Just a note to say I am winning at failing at the Deepak/Oprah Perfect Health 21-Day Meditation Challenge. (I also hate the term “Challenge” as used for learning meditation skills, is it a competition? Um, no.) Not only am I not trying very hard, I don’t like hearing Deepak’s voice as he recites the daily thoughts, not because what he is saying isn’t relevant or interesting, but because it’s Deepak, the ubiquitous spiritual guru to the masses with his lovely lilting Indian British accent and books and branding, I am totally distracted and counting his money for him. And I love money! And inner peace!


I don’t have a solution yet, but wanted to admit that I know I am responsible for the success or failure of this goal, and participating half-heartedly guarantees failure. I know I have to look for another method and teacher that suits my learning style, one that has a massive ADD chip on its shoulder!

2 thoughts on “Monkey Mind

  1. I have never, ever been able to figure out meditation. It seems like a great thing and rock on to those who are all inner-peacey, but I either 1) feel like I’m going to crawl out of my skin with the fidgets (if I’m sitting) or 2) fall asleep (if I lay down). In short, neurotic for the win and that picture you found is PERFECT!

    1. loooooove the pic. so so so funny. apparently we all suck at it and are major fidgeters, so that’s comforting. systemic failure :-) but I will keep trying!

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