Hot Links: Come And Take It


Perhaps it is because I am not getting the hang of meditation, or that I am so behind in miles that I am extra-worried about the state of our world, but this week’s serious list of Hot Links are for the moms and dads of 1st and 2nd graders especially, but also to everyone else, every single solitary American one of you, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, Man, Woman, Gay, Straight, Rich, Middle, Bougie, Poor, White, Black, Yellow, Brown, Civil Servant, Professional, Soldier, Trust Funder, Young, Old, Employed, Infirmed  Renter, Doctor, Lawyer, Cowboy, Feminist, Fundamentalist, Catholic, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Yogi, Mormon, Atheist, SNR,  Married, Divorced, Brother, Sister, Cousin, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent… etc. ad infinitum, so you know, ALL OF US.

This was the week that we celebrated the first day of spring, but also the 10 Year Anniversary of the start of the Iraq War.

This was the week after Lean In and MAKERS made the headlines and was instead the one when the mainstream media felt sorry for the Steubenville rapists.

This was the week that we started playing March Madness, but also dropped the Assault Weapons Ban from consideration in Congress.

Go back up to that list at the top and identify yourself to as many of those categories that fit for you and feel free to add your own. Because that is what a political strategist or a marketer does. They look at the demographics and look for trends that bend toward 51% majorities and then write a law or sell you a product that is offensive to the other 49%. Is that fair? Nope. Not one bit. Because each one of us is way more complex and sensitive – including the assholes among us – than these categories we agree to belong to.

And yet, week in and week out, we keep buying their bullshit and their rape culture and their guns. It’s 100% on us.

To the moms and dads of those 1st and 2nd graders, those of you who can really go there in your minds and hearts and conjure up what it must have been like for the Sandy Hook moms and dads, however much you don’t want to think about this, please think about those moms and dads who got the call that THEIR son or daughter, their…





















isn’t coming home today and in fact,  just got brutally murdered by a disturbed young man wielding a legally purchased assault rifle that pumped out 151 bullets in the span of 5 minutes with such sheer force that their small bodies were actually dismembered, to those moms and dads, please, please don’t just let this one go this week.

Your demographic is the 49% this week. And you’re about to lose.




(Image credit: Flag by David Treibs.


8 thoughts on “Hot Links: Come And Take It

  1. Word. My mind still isn’t really allowing me to go to Sandyhook, but the fact that anyone can go buy any weapon with that kind of rapid firepower makes me physically nauseous.

    1. yeah, and imagine how sick you’d feel if you did let your mind go there, hence the blocking. I get it, I do it too. it’s really too much to take, but sadly still not enough to change the laws. WTF is wrong with us? and here is why I am supposed to be learning to meditate!

  2. I have spent much of this week wondering WTF is wrong with America. So much so that I feel it is why I am in an emotionally dark and angry funk these last few days. I have been thoroughly flummoxed by our treatment and reaction to Steubenville, the NRA, and assault weapons. Our priorities and actions are SO messed up. I am incredibly tired of the nation that is made of folks who selfishly care for nothing other than their own wants, alleged “rights” and false sense of entitlement without responsibility. What happened to caring for each other (and by that I mean someone beyond the self and immediate family)? Again I scream: WHAT THE F is wrong with us?!

    1. agreed sister, it is a dark dark time, up against the brightness of spring. and when you’re like me and you, you feel this craziness deep into your bones. (again, meditation, dammit.) it is exhausting and it is maddening and I have no idea how or when it will change. sending love your way of course.

        1. I know people are pissed and heartbroken when they stop and think about it, but I fear we’ve tipped to the other side, where good people are only doing the good work of taking care of their small circles and not seeing how even those actions affect whole communities, towns, cities, states, the country and our world. I know every generation hand-wrings over the demise of culture and community and civility in the face of the pressures and compromises of progress but, it just feels deeply scary somehow. For all the social change for good we’ve created, it feels as if it’s all going backwards with this focus on guns, money and sexism.

          1. Sadly, I agree with everything you wrote above and it scares the living crap out of me. What are we teaching our children of today? I don’t want to go backwards…we simply cannot afford it. Ugh…

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