Hot Links: So Random

Hello friends. I am happy to report that the peeping-prowler situation seems to be nearly resolved, so now I am just trying to run more, eat less crap (yet another toxic binge happened, oops), do good work and win the lottery. This week has been cuckoo at work and it’s raining, so I am not running today. Only squeaking out some links that I liked from moments of click-arounds this week.

Here you go!

This week was the 40th anniversary of the cellular phone. (For the record I got my first mobile phone in 1994. It was one of those beige Motorola “flip” phones and the numbers on the sliver of a screen were orange. A few more Motorolas, then I became a Nokia person, then a couple Blackberries, and presently a devoted iPhone person.) Now of course, we are ALL douchebags.

So, don’t stretch before exercise. Got it. Really? Okay Well Blog, I believe you.

This is totally a thing. I wish this guy was my boyfriend. He makes smoothies and says “fuck” a lot.

Speaking of saying “fuck” a lot, have I shared this one before? Oh man, does this make me happy. Usage of hashtag/fates worse than death might be the most deft employment of sarcasm in the history of the hashtag.

Hat tip to Girls of a Certain Age for this link. 15 Mid-Century Modern Homes that Will Kill Your Children. Darkly hilarious and I want those floating stairs.

I don’t know what a series of photographs like this is called, but I will be a clod and call it stream of consciousness. It is SO much better than that.

Someday, I want to write a book too.

4 thoughts on “Hot Links: So Random

  1. Would you believe that we have a raised a child in a house with floating stairs? She only fell off of them once. She’s almost 9 now. Occasionally she’ll have a friend over and they have to go upstairs because they are so intrigued. Then I have to rescue them because they can’t come down.

  2. Although I have a tendency to exaggerate – I am being totally honest when I say that Thug Kitchen just made my day. My friends and I text like hard core gangster rappers despite the fact that we are 40 something suburbanites. Thug Kitchen feeds my soul :)

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