I’m Ready


The cure for shame is courage, and courage comes from vulnerability, and if I am being honest and brave, I must admit I have not been writing as much here because I have been locked in some shame jail, feeling terribly blocked and isolated. I am not depressed or anxious… yet. But if I don’t listen and write and share the weight of these last shackles of shame, no one will come unlock them.

Shame cannot survive empathy.

My writing teacher told our class (in words better than these clunkers), something I write could save someone’s life. I believe that to be true, because the words of so many writers have saved mine.

Reprising her role in my life as storyteller-savior is Brené Brown. These words of hers echo Alice’s, “Shame derives its power from being unspeakable.”

And there is no f’ing way I am giving my power to shame instead of to help someone else, starting with myself.

So friends, and the tens of you that read and comment and share posts and cheer and send me good vibes, I am going to task a risk, KT Tape up my knees, crack open my heart again, and little by little get these stories up and out. Stay tuned.

Here’s Brené if you don’t know her work.


9 thoughts on “I’m Ready

  1. I am a huge Alice fan, a huger sugarleg fan, a still huger Justine fan, and I know I’m not the only one. The love is here to cushion whatever spills out, but be kind to yourself. xoxo

    1. K-Bell, your support over the years has been without overstating it, one of the most important factors in me keeping at this. it’s a handshake deal, what I feel is a partnership, and without your constant support, thoughtful comments, and positive energy, I’d have petered out long ago. so THANK YOU. and point taken strongly on the self kindness. we all always need that reminder, me I know, especially. xoxoxo

  2. I read and follow you – silently – because you are doing what I don’t have the courage to do. I run and I write – so you tick my boxes – I’m in. Don’t judge yourself by anyone else’s measuring stick – of how often (miles or frequency) – or how many (postings etc) – because the very fact that you are doing it – is of the greatest value. I think you are brave.

    1. aw Elizabeth, thank you, this comment really made my day! especially that you broke some silence, that’s a small act of courage right there! yeah, this is a weird time for me with being hurt and not running regularly then the writing is off then the sanity is off but the vanity is amped way up, with my increase girth that no one knows but me and my clothes. I will get through it, all I have is my courage, and it’s reflected back by you right now. xo

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